Shakespeare's the Winter's Tale by William Shakespeare

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Shakespeare's the Winter's Tale
Author: William Shakespeare
eBook Title: Shakespeare's the Winter's Tale
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Publisher: Monarch Notes (June 1, 1991)
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King should die without issue :for the child was carried into Bohemia, and there laid in a forest, and brought up by a shepherd and the King of Bohemia sson married that wench, and they fled intoS icilia, and by the jewels found about her she was known to beL eontes daughter, and was then sixteen years old. This clearly identifies the performance seen by Forman as The Winter sT ale of Shakespeare. It is altogether probable that the play was then new, and was in its first course of exhibition. For Sir George Buck became Master of the Revels in October, 1610, and was succeeded in that office byS ir Henry Herbert in 1623, who passed The Winter sT ale without examination, on the ground of its being an old play formerly allowed byS ir George Buck. As the play had to be licensed before it could be performed, this ascertains its first preformance to have been after October, 1610. So that The Winter sT ale was most likely presented for official sanction some time between that date and the 15th of May following, when Forman saw it at the Globe. To all this must be added the internal characteristics of the play itself, which is in the Poet sripest and most idiomatic style of art. It is not often that the date of his workmanship can be so closely marked. The Winter sT ale was never printed, so far as we know, till it appeared in the folio of 1623. Source of the Plot. In the plot and incidents of this play, Shakespeare followed very closely the Pandosto, or, as it was sometimes called, theD orastus andF awnia, of Robert Greene.
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