Medical Infrared Imaging: Principles and Practices

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Medical Infrared Imaging: Principles and Practices
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eBook Title: Medical Infrared Imaging: Principles and Practices
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The evolution of technological advances in infrared sensor technology, image processing, "smart" algorithms, knowledge-based databases, and their overall system integration has resulted in new methods of research and use in medical infrared imaging. The development of infrared cameras with focal plane arrays no longer requiring cooling, added a new dimension to this modality. Medical Infrared Imaging: Principles and Practices covers new ideas, concepts, and technologies along with historical background and clinical applications.

The book begins by exploring worldwide advances in the medical applications of thermal imaging systems. It covers technology and hardware including detectors, detector materials, un-cooled focal plane arrays, high performance systems, camera characterization, electronics for on-chip image processing, optics, and cost-reduction designs. It then discusses the physiological basis of the thermal signature and its interpretation in a medical setting. The book also covers novel and emerging techniques, the complexities and importance of protocols for effective and reproducible results, storage and retrieval of thermal images, and ethical obligations.

Of interest to both the medical and biomedical engineering communities, the book explores many opportunities for developing and conducting multidisciplinary research in many areas of medical infrared imaging. These range from clinical quantification to intelligent image processing for enhancement of the interpretation of images, and for further development of user-friendly high-resolution thermal cameras. These would enable the wide use of infrared imaging as a viable, noninvasive, low-cost, first-line detection modality.

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