Principles of Superconductive Devices and Circuits by Theodore Van Duzer

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Principles of Superconductive Devices and Circuits
Author: Theodore Van Duzer
eBook Title: Principles of Superconductive Devices and Circuits
Category: Engineering & Transportation
Rating: 3.7
Votes: 463
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ISBN: 0444004114
ISBN13: 978-0444004116
Publisher: Appleton & Lange (December 1, 1992)
Language: English
Subcategory: Engineering
KEY BENEFIT:The field of applied superconductivity has been transformed by new materials, new fabrication methods, innovative device and circuit concepts, and the discovery of high-temperature superconductors. In this book, two of the field's leading experts present an authoritative, up-to-date guide to the theory and current practice of superconductivity.KEY TOPICS:The book begins by introducing normal metal behavior at low temperatures, and the phase transition to superconductivity. It presents the classic Meissner experiment, and reviews several key theories essential to practical analysis. In each case, the book helps readers develop an intuitive understanding, while minimizing the quantum mechanics and thermodynamics required. Coverage includes an up-to-date analysis of microwave and millimeter-wave applications; a richly-developed treatment of Josephson junctions and devices; advanced high-temperature oxide superconductor applications; Ginzburg-Landau equations; Type II superconductivity theories and technologies; and more. The CD-ROM contains valuable software for circuit simulation and inductance calculations.MARKET:All electrical engineering and applied physics professionals working in R&D in industrial, university or government settings; as well as advanced students of applied superconductivity.

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