Promise and Fulfilment: Palestine, 1917-1949 by Arthur Koestler

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Promise and Fulfilment: Palestine, 1917-1949
Author: Arthur Koestler
eBook Title: Promise and Fulfilment: Palestine, 1917-1949
Category: History
Rating: 4.7
Votes: 321
Formats: PDF, FB2, EPUB, DJVU
ISBN: 0333351525
ISBN13: 978-0333351529
Publisher: Macmillan; 2nd edition (June 2, 1983)
Language: English
Subcategory: Middle East
PROMISE AND FULFILMENT Palestine. PREFACE: THIS book consists of three parts, Background , Close-up and Perspective . The first part is a survey of the develop ments which led to the foundation of the State of Israel. It lays no claim to historical completeness, and is written from a specific angle which stresses the part played by irrational forces and emotive bias in history. I am not sure whether this emphasis has not occasionally resulted in over-emphasis as is almost in evitable when one tries to redress a balance by spot-lighting aspects which are currently neglected. But it was certainly not my intention, by underlining the psychological factor, to deny or minimize the importance of the politico-economic forces. My aim was rather to present, if I may borrow a current medical term, a psycho-somatic view of one of the most curious episodes in modern history. The second part, Close-up , is meant to give the reader a close and coloured, but not I hope technicoloured, view of the Jew

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